Trying to use the Gandi set up interface

I again today to use the DNS Registrars setup which is
under the Addresses and Networking menu.

This time I got this message:

"Failed to save account : invalid value for password [incorrect password]"

The password I use is the same that I used when I access my Gandi login. The very same copy and paste.

So is there a bug in the interface ?

I want to get it working s that my hosting
service can go live.




i also have this issue. can anyone solve it?

dmaster97 - are you sure you are using the API login for Gandi? This may be different from your regular login to their site ..

yes i have. give the api key, that suppose to embeded somewhere in his xml rpc api call.

if i choose to use test account in virtualmin, the error message is user not found. if i choose to use real account, the error is incorrect password.

i use my account password and the api key used.

both not working.


Did you get it to work?

Yes .. gandi accounts work fine for me in Virtualmin.