bandwidth limit / templating


Is there any way possible to create bandwidth template based on IP geolocation traffic? my local provider limit the bandwidth allocation based on IP traffic. for any traffic incoming from local (same country) ip, the bandwidth is full speed. if the traffic incoming from international location (out of country), the bandwidth is throttled to a specific limit.

those, the allocation for bandwidth allocation is also differ. eg. if i want to make unlimited bandwidth for local (nation wide) traffice and a limited 5GB / month.

if virtualmin did not have that feature, can you provide it? best regards.



Sorry, but there is no support for this in Virtualmin currently, and even implementing it would be near impossible .. it would mean doing country classification of IPs in logs, assuming they are even available.

The closest you can get is to enable AWstats or webalizer reporting for your domains, and use their country breakdown reports to estimate usage after the fact..

if i narrow down the request. not to recognize ip by its country.

but to create a bandwidth template on specific list of ip addresses.

i already have a list of local ip addresses. this list of ip addresses / ip range is made available by our goverment for this very purpose.

To throttle local and international bandwidth.

i have successfully using this list of ip to filter / throttle down the Internet bandwidth based on its destination ip. i use it for squid acl and for opensource bandwidth management HTB.

other hosting solution already provide unlimited bandwidth for our local web traffics. i would like to follow suite.

kin regards

I suppose that could be done for web traffic ... but it would be a fair bit of work to implemented, and nobody else has asked for it yet, so it would be low priority.

I understand where you are coming from though, as I used to work for an ISP that charged customers differently for traffic from within Australia vs the rest of the world.

ok. understand. at least it is doable.

so, you also have experience the situation.

Here in Indonesia, international traffics charged almost 10x over national traffics. dedicated 5 Mbps international traffic bandwidth will cost you $3,000 / month. where you will also get 50Mbps of national bandwidth.

Not many company have that kind of luxury. others will have to satisfy with 256-512Kbps bandwitdh.

i wonder how many country adopt this policy. beside Indonesia and Australia.