awstats user and password

Now in virtualmin we can't change awstats user and / or password. it's a feature request and a security issue because awstats user is the same as webmin user so customers can't sharea awstat's acc details with employe.



Actually, if you have the latest version of the AWstats plugin for Virtualmin (which we released a week or two ago), you can control which users have access to the awstats directory. This can be done at Edit Mail and FTP Users -> username -> Other User Permissions -> Allow access to web directories.

You can deny access to the domain owner, and create other users with their own access instead.

our version is:

webmin-virtualmin-awstats Running latest 4.4

But we do not see that option.

You may need to disable and then re-enable AWstats for the domain before this option becomes available.

This can be done on the Edit Virtual Server page.

Nope, no effect. Awstat htaccess config is in the apache configuration so protected web directories module still can't find it for us.

Does the awstats directory for the domain appear in the /etc/webmin/htaccess-htpasswd/directories file?

Only 1 domain is there where the user set up htpasswd manually for the entire website. And with that user we have "Allow access to web directories" option, but only with Entire website suboption.

Looks like your version of the virtualmin-awstats module is old. Are you running the GPL or Pro version of Virtualmin?

We are useing Pro. Here are the details:

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 10.04.1 Webmin version 1.534
Virtualmin version 3.83 Pro AWstats reporting Plugin 4.4

Ok, I see now .. it looks like the 4.5 version hasn't been rolled out to customers yet. We will fix this, and I'll let you know when it is ready..

cool great to hear :)