redmine installation issue

I am thinking about "going pro". The main reason is basically to install ruby/redmine. So I tried to evaluate "install scripts" in your demo installation (using user root/demo).

But when I try to install redmine, I get the following error message:

Installing Ruby Gem test-spec .. .. Gem install failed : ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError) Connection refused - connect(2)(Errno::ECONNREFUSED)



Looks like Ruby's gem tool for installing packages isn't working.

If you SSH into the system as root and run gem install test-spec , does that work OK?

unfortunately not, you get exactly the same error message.

One additional thought. Maybe the problem is that the latest version is actuallly 1.11 (while the installscripts shows version 1.05).

What does gem --version output on your system? The cause may be that gem is too old, and doesn't support their newest package update repository..

In that case, you might need to un-install the rubygems package, and install the latest version from source from

Just to clarify (may be it wasn't clear enough in my first post). This is not my system, it is your "demo system".

the output of gem --version is 0.9.2

Sorry, I missed the line where you mentioned this was the demo!

Unfortunately, ruby and rubygems updates so rapidly that the demo system (which is based on CentOS 5) cannot even manually install the latest rubygems version, as it is running a version of ruby that is too old :-(

If you are planning on using Virtualmin to install ruby apps, I would recommend either using a Linux distribution that is very recent and rapidly updated (like Ubuntu 10.04), or installing and updating ruby completely from the latest versions available as source.

so the ruby install script is not able to install the required ruby version for redmine?

I understand that I can manually install ruby etc from source, but I hoped the pro can do that (like virtualmin offers an updated php versions etc :-)