Failed to create system : Failed to allocate an IP address on blah.tld from the range

Hi guys,

As the subject says, I have difficulties with vpses automatically having IPs assigned. I have a range specified and plenty of IPs free for use, yet I still get that error. If I manually set an IP from the range on the VPS creation page it works without problems.

Any ideas? Unfortunately the logs don't say much.



Try going to Host Systems -> IP Addresses, and see how many IPs Cloudmin thinks are free or in use.

I've seen cases in the past where an IP was not allocated to a system by Cloudmin, but was in use by some other device or machine on the network. If an IP can be pinged, it won't be assigned to a new VPS.

Hi I've been having the same issue. after many days banging my head against the wall and about to scream for help! I found the issue, well on my system.

1st off I'll just mention about our setup before cloudmin incase this happens to anyone else. centos 5.4 installed on main server and used the centos virtual machine manager to create a xen host which we migrated our webserver from ensim to virtualmin pro after a year we decided to give cloudmin ago, and ran the automated installer, after hitting this same issue as mentioned above, I started searching the docs, :-( I saw the bit about dhcp server which wasn't installed as all our ip's for vps are real ones, and sat here unable to see how that would work, anyway,

I was just about to post and ask for help, when I decided to check everything again and fixed the issue (for us anyway) via the steps below

I selected the host in the dropdown, and under "System Operations" clicked on "Xen Host Settings" and when the page loaded, under "Network options" where my "IP address allocation ranges" are located my bridge was set to "xenbr0" which was the default setup by the virtual machine manager, I changed this to "Any" and thought what the hell, worst case I mess the lot up, and hit save.I've rebooted the host - main server to make sure things are ok. hope that helps Steve

That's surprising .. the selected bridge shouldn't make any difference. However, make sure that whatever you select in the Bridge column is also selected in the Bridges on host system for Xen interfaces field.


Thanks for your answers guys, I'll reply here once I get it working (dont have access to it atm).