Integration into website

Hello All

What i am wanting to do is link my account plans to my website so that my customers can click on the link register for account and register domain name and begin to use there services that they have paid for

How can i do this please




The developers here will certainly also reply to this, I'd just like to begin with some thoughts from my end.

What you're requesting is surely beyond the scope of Virtualmin itself... It sounds rather like you're looking to set up a web hosting sales site. Eric posted me a link to a (non-free) software that offers the required Virtualmin integration, possibly useful for you, in this thread:

Registering domains though is another and rather complex thing. Virtualmin offers the plugin "webmin-virtualmin-registrar" which allows registration of domains with a few widely used services (IIRC e.g. GoDaddy, can't check at the moment cause my experimental virtual machine with Vmin Pro is unavailable). But in general, every registrar has their own web interface for registration and cannot (easily) be integrated in a panel like Virtualmin.

Also you should consider that registering a domain immediately costs money for you, while creating some virtual server on your box is rather free and easily reversible in case people "abuse" it. So, except you're aiming at becoming a considerably large web hoster with some kind of "protection" against invalid registrations, you might want to do the actual domain registration, according to what your users order, manually for the time being. :)

On another note, I don't think this here should be categorized as "bug report". :)