Renewal and server merge

Hi, I am currently running 3 virtualmin licenses on 3 servers. 2 of these have expired. I am in the process of merging two servers into one and therefor would only need two licenses. Unfortunately the server I want to drop has a still valid license whereas the other two licenses have expired. I want to move the non-expired license to one of the 2 server I want to keep (with 10 virtual servers) and renew the other license and also upgrade this second license to 50 virtual servers. There are several questions: 1. How can I move the license from one server to another? 2. How can I tell your shopping cart which license I want to renew and upgrade? 3. How can I tell your system which license I want to drop so that there is only one license to renew? I have searched the forums but did not find an answer to my problems.




Hello! You can change the license being used on a given server by using the "change-licence" option in the command line tools. For example, you could run something like this from the command line:

virtualmin change-licence --serial SERIAL_NUMBER --key LICENSE_KEY

As far as actually performing the renewal -- my recommendation would be to simply purchase the correct renewal, then post a request here so that we can apply it to the correct one if it doesn't do so automatically.

There are some limitations to the shopping cart / license manager, and being able to choose which license you're renewing during the checkout process is one of them :-)