Smarthost for Mailing Lists


I hope this is not a stupid question...

I know, in this day and age, how easy it is to get your mail server's IP address on a blacklist. I also suspect that it might be even easier to get blacklisted if users are using the Mailman mailing list feature (which I plan to offer to our customers shortly.)

So, would it be possible or practical to route (relay) mailing list traffic out through our backup MX server?

We have a second Virtualmin GPL on a remote VPS (in addition to our primary Virtualmin Pro box) to provide backup MX services. If one of our IPs was to get blacklisted, even for a very short time, I'd much prefer it to be the backup server.

Also, I think all Virtual Servers already have the backup MX as an authorized sender in their SPF records.





Howdy -- Mailman offers SmartHost functionality, which would allow it to relay messages through another host, such as your backup server.

You can set that up by editing /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/, and setting:


Then, just make sure that Postfix on your other server is setup to allow relaying from your primary server's IP address. You can do that by adding your server's IP address to the "mynetworks" line of the relay hosts /etc/postfix/ file, and then restarting Postfix.