email quota plan


is there a way you can add email quota settings into the inital plan settings? that way can set them in one place instead of having to go into the email settings for each domain to set it?



DIsk quotas can be set in the plan though, and they are used by default for new domains on that plan.

Or am I mis-understanding what you are asking for?

sorry, im meaning email quota, when setting disk quota it still seems to leave email account quotas set to unlimited, meaning the warning email telling them they are near their limit dont seemt o send unless i go and manually set it for the domain / account

Do you mean quotas for the domain owner, or quotas for individual mailboxes?

You can set the default for new mailboxes in a domain at Edit Mail and FTP Users -> Edit New User Defaults.

You can set the global default for new domains at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> Mail for domain -> Default quota for mail users.

hmm ok then, was just expecting there would be a way to set a default for new domains mailboxes per plan so that i can have say a email plan which sets the default for all mailboxes in that domain to what ever it is, having a global default is usful just could be nicer to be able to define it per plan :)

Yeah, it doesn't really fit in on the plan page, as a plan is supposed to define limits for the domain .. and mail quotas are separate from that.