Virtualmin server tries to connect to it's external ip address


My virtualmin server tries to connect to it's external ip address all the time. Our firewall thinks it's Lan Attack. How can i stop this?

We translate ips in our firewall, so I can't connect to the external ip.

The xxx are really my external ip address. I got a lot of these.

monitor.p 6732 0 30u IPv4 78086616 TCP> (SYN_SENT)



You might try turning off status monitoring of your website in Virtualmin, which is the main feature that I can think of which would connect to the external IP. This can be done at Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features.

How do I do this for all virtual servers?

Figured out how to disable for all virtual servers.

virtualmin disable-feature --all-domains --status

Additional hint: If turning that feature off does not solve the problem, you might find out which process is doing the connection attempts by issuing this command:

netstat -tnepc

This will continuously display the active TCP connections, including name of the initiating process. As soon as a "SYN_SENT" one appears to your external IP, you know who's the culprit. :)