signal_syslog failed error after migration to new server

Moved virtualmin from one server to another.

Migration went smooth except for this error generated by crontab running: /etc/webmin/bandwidth/

Error: ::signal_syslog failed : Undefined subroutine &global::signal_syslog called at (eval 167) line 2.


::signal_syslog failed : Undefined subroutine &global::signal_syslog called at (eval 167) line 2.

I must be missing a package on the server- can you advise what?



Looks like the bandwidth monitoring module doesn't know if you are running Syslog or Syslog-NG.

If you go to Webmin -> Networking -> Bandwidth Monitoring, does it report any errors? If it says you need to enable bandwidth monitoring, do so ..

thanks - I needed to setup one of the syslogs ( I went for syslog-ng)

I'd recommend using whichever syslog is installed on your system by default..

What does the command dpkg --list | grep syslog output on your machine?

Also, does either the System Logs or System Logs NG module work?