Integration of 3rd apps


Virtualmin is a good panel and also powerful. But the main developer of the *Min group (Mr J. Cameron) is developing everything himself especially in virtualmin. e.g. : 1- Mysql manager of virtualmin/webmin 2- UserMin as a IMAP / POP3 client 3- File manager ( Java )

For managing mysql, phpMyAdmin can be integrated to virtualmin which is more powerful and user-friendly. For email client, there are many popular softwares such as RoundCube, Horde IMP, ... which can be intergrated into virtualmin and they are more userfriendly than Usermin. specially roundcube ... For managing files, the java file manager is good but it is in java. Net2ftp can be integrated as a ftp file manager. I think a non-java file manager is better.



Are you using Virtualmin pro? Because one of its best features is the ability to install scripts like phpMyAdmin, Roundcube, Horde and so on ... this was added specifically because other people can write better webapps than me :-)

I just wanted to say... This post gave me the idea to try out installing RoundCube via the script installation feature, and it went more than smoothly. ;)

I know that this was originally about web apps to help augment certain webmin features, but I was wondering if there's any "framework" in place in webmin to help leverage/integrate existing tools more easily ?

Specifically, I am referring to the mySQL replication discussion we've recently had, which would be greatly simplified by adding support for Percona's xtrabackup tool:

So, while I am not really familiar with Perl, I do know C/C++ - so how difficult would it be to integrate existing tools like these ? Is there any kind of API in place to turn a CLI tool into an RPC-enabled webmin version whose arguments can be mapped to webmin "wizards", or this is all done manually still ?