"Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro" installs all packages/plugins

One thing that I just noticed:

The automated installer, both for GPL and Pro, does not install all available plugins from the start. The "Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro" function though does so...

The following NEW packages will be installed:
  usermin-virtual-server-mobile webmin-virtual-server-mobile
  webmin-virtualmin-git webmin-virtualmin-google-analytics
  webmin-virtualmin-init webmin-virtualmin-mailrelay webmin-virtualmin-notes
  webmin-virtualmin-oracle webmin-virtualmin-password-recovery
  webmin-virtualmin-powerdns webmin-virtualmin-registrar
  webmin-virtualmin-signup webmin-virtualmin-slavedns webmin-virtualmin-sqlite
  webmin-virtualmin-styles-oswd webmin-virtualmin-support

It puts all the addons in the Vmin installation, also those that were not present before the upgrade.

This might be by-design, and sure you can just delete the modules again afterwards, but I think it might be nice if the Upgrade function examined the installation about which plugins are already installed, and only upgrades those, instead of installing all of them.

Closed (works as designed)


Yes, this is by design .. it installs all the plugins that are available, so that any we release for pro only will get installed at that time. You can disable to remove them safely afterwards though. And I don't think any of the plugins actually get enabled.

I'm not fully sure, but I think "Additional content styles" and "Virtualmin support links" did get activated during the upgrade.

But it's fine - as you said, one can deactivate and uninstall the modules afterwards. It was just one of those "hmm? what happened now? I did not have all those plugins installed before!" moments. :)