Login problem for Virtualmin GPL

I'm a long-term user of Virtualmin Pro. I'm doing some prototyping in 'the cloud' and have just installed Virtualmin GPL on a Centos-5 instance in the cloud.

Installation went smoothly, and going to https:://whatever:10000 gives me the expected login screen.

But I have no idea what to put in username and password. I've tried a few likely ones without success. I can't find any mention of a startup user-name and password in the documentation.

Can you help me out?




I can only speak for Ubuntu, but I suppose it works similarly under CentOS.

Initial login is with root and the password you set for root during system installation. Okay, on Ubuntu I have to take an additional step, since the root user does not get a password there during installation. Ubuntu creates a non-root user with sudo privileges, and the first thing I do after installation is:

frank@lyra:~# sudo su -
{Enter user password}
root@lyra:~# passwd
{Enter desired root password twice}

Then I can login to Virtualmin GPL as root with the chosen password.

In fact I set no root password during installation of Virtualmin GPL - but I do have a root password for the underlying CentOS server.

I've now tried using root as user name and that password as password. Progress (of a kind). It now tells me I've been locked out because of too many authentication errors!

Will that restriction time out after a while and leave me free to try again, or do I have to do something to clear it?


Whatever the root password is for your CentOS server -- that's what you should be able to use when logging into Virtualmin.

The block you saw will timeout after a few minutes... or you can manually clear it by restarting Webmin/Virtualmin with "/etc/init.d/webmin restart".

Yepp, with "root and password during installation", I meant installation of the underlying Linux, not of Virtualmin.

Great! I'm in ...

Turns out I didn't have a root password at all - the one I had was for the meta-system from which I create my cloud environment. But I have SSH access and was able to set the root password using sudo passwd.

Thanks a million

I'm in, but when I run the configuration check, I'm told Postfix is not properly configured. When I click on the link to go to the Postrix configuration page, I get the following message:

postsuper: fatal: scan_dir_push: open directory defer: Permission denied

It's not clear to me what is happening - or even what file or directory I'm being denied access to.

Any ideas?

Mmh, not a Postfix expert here, but a quick googling showed that maybe some file permissions of Postfix files have become garbled.

postfix set-permissions is supposed to possibly help. Use at your own risk of course. ;) Further details about this are in man postfix.

Also, did you use the Virtualmin install script on a fresh Linux (no server packages like Apache or Postfix installed)?