Phantom virtual CDROM qemu-kvm process ?


Doing a "ps aux | grep kvm", I have a strange process, besides my actual running KVM VMs :

usr/libexec/qemu-kvm -name -m 1024 -drive file=/root/CentOS-5.5-x86_64-netinstall.iso,media=cdrom,index=1,if=ide -boot d -serial stdio -net tap,vlan=0,script=/var/lib/libvirt/images/ -net nic,vlan=0 -vnc :3

I double checked, and this virtual CDROM, used for installation purpose, isn't connected, at the moment, to any if our VM's (I checked in "Ressources"/"Manage disks".

Did Cloudmin fail to kill the process after installation and reboot of the VM ? Is it safe to kill that process ?



This is an actual VM process, although based on that command line it is only using a single CD and no disks.

Is the VM still supposed to be running? Is there another process with that name in the parameters?

Yes, the VM is running, but there's no virtual CD attached to that VM... Here's the extract of "ps aux | grep kvm":

/usr/libexec/qemu-kvm -name -m 2048 -hda /dev/VolGroup00/xxx_company_net_img -boot c -serial stdio -net tap,vlan=0,script=/var/lib/libvirt/images/ -net nic,vlan=0,macaddr=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,model=virtio -vnc :1 -k fr-ch.

I think you can kill the other process then. Worst-case it will just shut down the VM..

OK. I'll wait for a programmed shutdown. Thanks.