After VM upgrade, it restarts with proftpd enabled

After upgrading VirtualMin this Monday/Tuesday on 7-8 different servers, every server had proftpd disabled as this is something I do on every server I have VM running.

However, proftpd enabled after it restarted the VM service when the upgrade was complete. My firewall configuration has port 21 blocked, so this was not an issue. But the proftpd service should not be started after upgrading the VM packages.

This appears to be a bug in my opinion.



That's surprising, as Virtualmin shouldn't be starting proftpd except during the very initial install.

What command or page in the UI did you use to the upgrade?

i have something similar to report. even though i have proftpd disabled in boot. it gets started back up by

i like 's ability to monitor and restart your services but i wish i could easily tell it not to start proftpd back up...


If you want to avoid having it start proftpd, you should disable the "virtual FTP" feature at System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

excellent that has fixed it thankyou

its still starting backup actually, do you think its because some of my accounts have it enabled ?

yeah it seems to be still getting started back up

yeah it seems to be still getting started back up

Are you actually using proftpd at all? If not, the simplest solution may be to just un-install it ..

well i want to keep it, but just manually turn it on if i need it.

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Submitted by Joe on Fri, 10/15/2010 - 00:40 Pro Licensee

No! Don't uninstall it! In this thread, Jamie gives terrible advice. ;-)

Uninstalling it would cause virtualmin-base to be uninstalled (since virtualmin-base depends on proftpd).

Ok, I see .. in that case, unfortunately there is currently no way to have automatic restarting enabled for just some services. Once it is active, any down server that Virtualmin manages will be automatically brought up when down.