Restoring from remote location downloads data twice

I am in the process of transferring data from an old virtualmin server to a new one. I noticed that when I place an SSH server in for Virtualmin to restore the data from, it appears to download the backup file twice. Once to download, extract, and show what will be restored, when again when I tell it to actually restore the data.

Why is this? Is it possible to reconfigure it to just use the data it already downloaded and extracted? Seems like a waste of bandwidth and time to download the same file twice =)



There are two work-arounds for this :

  1. Download the backup files manually first, then restore from the local copies
  2. Restore using the restore-domain API / shell command, which only ever downloads once

I agree that the multiple downloads are kind of bogus, but hard to avoid due to the stateless nature of each page in Virtualmin.