Howto Recommendations for Primary (Hoster) Domain


We are in the process of implementing our first Virtualmin server. I ask for your recommendations here:

We have a couple of MySQL-based applications on our current hosting platform that I want to migrate to the new Virtualmin platform. We currently access those application via a subdomain URL.

http(s):// and http(s)://

In the first case, we have been using Roundcube to provide webmail to all of our customers, even those with their own domains, including SSL access using our cert.

In the second case, we implemented a multi-user Gallery 2 for photos.

How would I implement these in the new Virtualmin? Would I create subdomains which will create the new databases? Do I need separate static IP addresses to implement SSL? How might I implement these while using the same static IP and cert that I use for the main web site? I'd rather not use up any more of the limited number of static IPs for internal use. I'd rather use them for paying customers...

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I'd recommend creating sub-domains for these under, and then installing those apps into the sub-domains directories. If you have a wildcard SSL cert (for * you could create them all on one shared IP, and they can then share a single cert.

Otherwise you would need to request a separate cert for each, and run each on its own IP.