Can't access my website

I can access the FTP server, but I can't access any of the Websites over the internet. All my Apache Log Files are gone in Virtualmin. If I check Connectivity through logs and Reports, I get this error.

Failed to fetch test file 404 Not Found Check the Apache configuration to ensure that this virtual server's <virtualhost> block is on the correct IP address.

Not even sure what I did, but it has something to do with DNS Server I'm guessing. I need help Please.

All my sites are down.




OK I think I fixed the problem, but I don't think I did it, at least not this time. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't access any of my Wen Sites, all afternoon. Everything looked good from Virtualmin, but I noticed all my log files were gone from "Logs and Reports" on all of the sites. I couldn't see what had changes.

Finally I went into Webmin, and when I opened "Servers/Apache Server" it didn't list any VirtualHost Files, that was strange, so I went to the server to look at the Sites, there were still there, so I went to "ect/httpd/conf/" to look at the httpd.conf file, and noticed that there was a Backup "httpd.conf.bak" and the httpd.conf file it self was empty, By restoring that file My websites came back up.

The only thing I can think of is today I did a update to Virtualmin, just before all this happend, so I don't know it made a backup of the file, and forgot to restore it or what. Very Strange..

andway I think its all back.


Hi Michael -- I'm glad to hear you figured out the problem!

While Virtualmin wouldn't make changes to your Apache config during an update, it's possible another package would. It's likely all the packages on your system were updated when you updated Virtualmin.

Now, normally updates shouldn't make changes to the config like that, so that's quite unusual!

Are you by chance using the standard CentOS Apache package? You can determine that by running this command: rpm -qa | grep httpd

OK when I run that command I get this.rpm -qa | grep httpd


Not sure what it means.

I made a backup copy of the "httpd.conf" just in case this happens again.