Limiting "Allowed scripts" in Account Plans doesn't work

Hi Jamie, hi Joe

I just wanted to create some new account plans with different allowed scripts on out server. After saving the plan, the selection was lost and all scripts re-appeared on the allowed site. Of course I had selected "Selected below ..." before saving.

What can I do to solve this? I'm using the latest version of VMPro on CentOS 5.4.





So do you mean that when you re-edit the plan, the changes you made to the allowed scripts weren't saved?

Or is the issue that users on the plan are still able to use scripts that you disallowed?

Hi Jamie,

the first is true. Any changes I did at the Allowed Scripts is lost as soon as I save. The same applies for me at the "system level", meaning that I cannot switch off scripts in "System Settings - Script Installers - Disable Scripts". As soon as I click on "Save Available Scripts" all scripts are re-enabled. I'm doing this as root (Master Admin) with all Master admin restrictions set to "Yes".



That's really odd, I can't re-produce this .. I can change allowed scripts in the plans just fine.

What Virtualmin version are you running, and which browser are you using?

Hi Jamie,

it seems to be a browser issue. The problem exists with safari on the mac but it works in firefox. I'm using VMP 3.78 on CentOS 5.4


There is a similar field with two columns on the Edit Reseller page for selecting the domains a reseller owns .. does that also not work for you on Safari ?