Accessing Usermin

The FAQ say to access Usermin by entering

I do my DNS using a separate service, so I tried setting up a CNAME record pointing webmail to, but after doing this just took me to my default domain.

Can I access (or more specifically could my clients access) Usermin in some other way?





When you access Usermin, try using a URL with "http" rather than "https". For example:

That should redirect you to the Usermin instance on your server, if the URL rewriting is enabled in the Server Templates.

Alternatively, you could also access Usermin directly using this:

Thanks, I tried, which seems to be working to a point, but say I am looking a preferences and I click "Read Mail," the server thinks for a couple of seconds and then does nothing, I am still in the preferences screen.

I opened port 20000 on the firewall. Perhaps I need to open another port as well?

Thank you.


Seems okay now after relogging in.

The only thing now is it is forcing me to log in using https, so I get an invalid certificate issue (I already have a certificate for a different domain on this IP address). If I try and log in without https I get:

Error - Bad Request

This web server is running in SSL mode.

Is there an option to make it so it will work as rather than


You can switch from the https:// URL to http:// at Webmin -> Usermin Configuration -> SSL Encryption, by turning off SSL.