Sugar CRM upgrade 5.5.0a -> 5.5.1 through Virtualmin half done, now not accessible

Trying Upgrading again gives following result and keeps version at 5.5.0a:

Are you sure you want to upgrade the 1 selected scripts to their latest versions?
SugarCRM - Upgrading from 5.5.0a to 5.5.1


Upgrading SugarCRM to version 5.5.1 ..
Configuring Apache PHP settings ..
.. already done.
Found in cache ..
Minor version upgrades must be done within SugarCRM
.. failed! See the error message above for the reason why.

Then trying to access the sugarcrm gives:

Sugar CRM 5.5.0a Files May Only Be Used With A Sugar CRM 5.5.0a Database.

(not a critical for us, as we don't use it anymore temporarly, but still needs resolution).



Yes, this is a known issue with SugarCRM - it is impossible for Virtualmin to do the upgrade, and so has to rely on SugarCRM itself to upgrade from within it's UI.

Are you subscribing to the latest script installer updates in Virtualmin?

Yes we are subscribing to the latest script installer updates in Virtualmin.

Now the issue is that we also get once a day the reminder email from Virtualmin that we need to upgrade the SugarCRM installation, but we don't have access anymore to the installation, so I guess we need to find a manual way to get out of this mess.

As a work-around, I would suggest manually installing the 5.5.0a version from the tar.gz file, then doing the upgrade from within SugarCRM.

It was a real pain, had to find 5.5.1RC2 full files.

Somehow there has been a mess made, with files being 5.5.0a and database 5.5.1RC2, and latest 5.5.1...

Anyway, fixed. SugarCRM looks really nice for B2B, but when it comes to performance or reliability it shows not suiting B2C requirements.

This mess is probably not Virtualmin's fault.

Only suggestion here: keep fingers away from SugarCRM and its upgrades...

Maybe a message to upgrade from within SugarCRM when trying to upgrade through Virtualmin, and not even try to upgrade from Virtualmin ?

Yeah, I've found that it is not possible to upgrade SugarCRM in some cases except within SugarCRM itself :-(

I'm going to add code to prevent these kinds of failures by disallowing unsupported upgrades from within Virtualmin.

Do you have any Idea when Sugar CRM version 5.50 will be able to be upgraded to version 5.51a?

version 6.0 in now available.

It also needs a php version of PHP 5.2.9

I'm not sure if it will ever be possible to do the SugarCRM minor version upgrade in Virtualmin - the only method they support is upgrading within SugarCRM itself. This already supports version 5.5.1a.