instance memory upgrades not working


I see you have added a new feature to allow for instance memory upgrades. But it's not working. Should I do anything "special" on my side to enable it?



Currently, this only works for Xen guests with the maxmem=8192 line in their .cfg files when started.

Cloudmin 4.1 only adds this for new Xen instances, as the effect of that setting isn't too well documented and I didn't want to risk breaking existing systems. However, you can edit the .cfg file and add that line, then shut down and start up the Xen instance - from then on you will be able to increase memory while it is running.

I know this is inconvenient, but sadly that's the way Xen works.

In the next release, I will likely have Cloudmin add this setting to all existing Xen instances automatically.

so do I just add maxmem=8192 to the .cfg file? And do I need to reboot, or is it active instantly?

You need to add that to the .cfg file, then shutdown and re-start the Xen instance. A reboot isn't enough, you need to do a full shutdown and re-start ..