PHP/MySQL versions

Just a question about PHP and MySQL versions. I have been used to running PHP 5.2.9 on cPanel and am wondering why you only install 5.1.6 by default and call anything else "bleeding edge"? Your bleeding edge PHP repository hasn't been upgraded since last June. Are there still issues? I'm also wondering why MySQL 5.0.77 instead of 5.1.x?




Howdy -- the majority of packages you get when installing Virtualmin are provided by the distro itself, they aren't provided by Virtualmin. PHP 5.1.6, for example, is the PHP version that comes with CentOS 5.

There are a handful of extra packages that were put together for those who desired newer versions of certain applications and were willing to use non-standard packages to get them.

The most common use for this repository is for those who use PHP apps that require PHP 5.2.x.

The latest PHP package available in the "bleed" repo is 5.2.11, and was packaged in November.

You're right though, in that we're a version behind where we should be in regards to the PHP version that's available... 5.2.12 should be in there. I believe that's on Joe's todo list, and I'm assigning this to him just to be sure :-)

We prefer, where possible, to stay out of the business of packaging other people's software. For example, if you really wish to have MySQL 5.1.x rather than what's provided by CentOS, MySQL itself provides RPMs for RHEL/CentOS that you could use. You can see what they have available by going to, and clicking the "Download" tab at the top of the screen.

Thanks. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some issue with Vitualmin if I upgraded them.