Getting rid of webmin tab in Virtualmin - enhance this

On the virtualmin menu list of the left hand side, you have webmin near the top to switch to webmin, and, "Webmin Modules" down below for SOME of those modules the user may have access to.

I have the ability to hide the webtab tab near the top by configuring the system information page and removing that option. Thats hreat, except, then the user can only see those modules arbitrarily picked to show under "Webmin Modules".

I would like to see the feature that allows me to remove the webmin tab taken to it's logical conclusion and allow me to eliminate the tab YET retain the webmin modules the user has access to under "Webmin Modules", not just some of this.

This allows the user to not be confused by two sets of menus.

Even better would be a screen similar to webmins "Reasssign Modules" that allows me to move any of the options, or maybe break out some. But, that is the pie in the sky vision, I'd love to see just the ability to show all they have access to as a good start.



So do you mean you'd like all their Webmin modules to appear under a single sub-menu on the left?

I suppose this could be done ... but what would be the difference to the current behaviour of showing under the Webmin tab?

Or do you just want to hide the current "Webmin Modules" menu, in favour of the "Webmin" tab? That seems like it would make more sense..

I personally like everything under Webmin Modules as people seem to miss the webmin tab near the top, and, don't seem to understand why there are two sets of functions.

The reason for the separate "Webmin Modules" section is to include modules that are related to Virtualmin, such as the file manager. Most of those under "Webmin" are either not generally needed, or are linked to under the "Services" category.

Which specific modules do your users need to use that aren't appearing under "Webmin Modules" yet? Perhaps I could add more there if it makes sense..

I am not wanting specific ones moved. That would work for me. I want the ability to put ALL modules that the user has access to there. I want to remove the webmin tab, which you gave the capability to do but then they can't access any other functions I may assign to them.

So, there is no point in telling you which modules as the only answer I can provide is all of them.

We've had more questions about modules the customer cnnot find due to that tab than anything else. Too confusing.

Ok, that make sense...

But just out of interest, which specific modules do your customers want to use that is not appearing under Webmin Modules, or elsewhere on the left menu?