Distribute.IT plugin for Domain Registrar

The Distribute.IT plugin for Domain Registrar has a quirk in that when i try to add an account that I have setup with D.IT the plugin is requiring I enter a domain to be associated with.

The thing is this is not a requirement of D.IT, they simply need an account number / username and password.

D.IT had a look at the plugin code and couldn't see why it might be doing that, and verified it is not a requirement as part of their API.

Can the section "Existing domain to link new domains to" be removed or made optional or something? I cannot leave it blank as it wants me to put something in.

If I put something in, it won't accept it as my D.IT account is currently empty of any domains.



The reason for this requirement is that Virtualmin copies contact information from whatever domain you enter, to be used for new domains. The DIT API requires that all new domains have a contact ID, so to automate the process of registering domains as much as possible, Virtualmin copies from an existing domain instead of prompting for a name, address and so on.

Perhaps this can be modified?

Have contact information be created when you are registering the first domain and this is then stored to either copy, or use new contact information upon registration of new domains.

With this requirement built-in to the plugin. I cannot link into my D.IT account for use with Domain Registrations...

One common work-around is to register one domain manually with D.IT, then use Virtualmin to register the rest of them ..