please add global IP addres pool

Can you please add a global IP address pool to CloudMin. We have many servers in one DC (and thus one "Location" in CloudMin) and instead of assigning certain IP's to certain hosts, I think it would be much better if we can assign a whole pool of IP's to a selection of servers.

My suggestion: Add an option under "Host Systems", called "IP Pool" (or something like that). Then, we can create an IP pool, add a whole list (either by class, or simply a range) of IP addresses. Then, we simply assign host system(s) to this group. In our case we have servers in different DC's, in different countries, so we have different group of IP's

I also want to suggest that we can add many different IP pools (i.e. DC1a, DC1b, DC1c, DC2a, DC3a, etc) and a server host could be assigned to as many IP pools as we want it.

Then, when we create a VPS, it can automatically take a specified amount of IP's from the pool. Also, please make it so that we could specify how many IP's the VPS should get from the pool

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That's a good suggestion ..

What if IP ranges were defined at the "Location group" level, and applied to all hosts in that group?

Each location group typically represents a datacenter with a number of equivalent host systems in it, from which one is selected when creating a VPS. So I imagine they would typically be all on the same IP network..

That could work as well, but what about someone who doesn't make use of location groups?

And, we'll need a way to allocate an IP from the pool to the physical hosts as well - thus having a total IP control solution within CloudMin :) I suppose a further step could be to make it do an nslookup (configurable to once per day / week / month) and indicate what the RDNS entry is for the IP address, and maybe even have a further option to monitor the IP's and notify as designated email / email addresses that the IP (i.e the host / VPS instance) is down? - but this could all be added later on :)

Ok, I will make IP pools a separate list from location groups, and allow one to be selected for each host.

For the allocation, are you just looking for a way to ask Cloudmin for a free IP for a new physical system that you are going to setup?

Let's say I have the following range: -, and ServerA is assigned IP, then CloudMin should pick this up, and reserve it so that it can't be assigned to a VPS instance. And when VPS instances are created, CloudMin should assign it's IP(S) from the pool automatically, or give us a choice to select one from the pool, or just type in an IP (for example, if we want to use an IP not in the pool)

So my plan is to make IP assignment work basically the same as it does now for IPs defined at the host system level. This uses ping and checks IPs assigned to all managed systems (real and virtual) to prevent clashes..

yup, that sounds good :)

This will be implemented in Virtualmin 4.0

awesome! Thanx Jamie :)

Jamie, do you have an ETA on when CloudMin 4.0 will be released?

In about a week. I can send you a pre-release version if you need it sooner though...

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Thanx for adding this feature, but it needs a bit of fine tuning.

I just created 12 IP pools, which I had to add to 3 servers, one pool at a time. Then I also had to add the same gateway IP's to every IP pool, in every server, every time.

So, here's my suggestion:

  1. Please have an option to add single IP's to an existing pool, in the same subnet. i.e. I have, and I want to add, and as well - but to the same pool. This will help to avoid having 50 IP pools. A more practical example: Our VPS & Reseller clients often have NS IP's in different subnets, or non-consecutive. And we have many clients with secure certificates, so they'll have a single IP. In this case we have 3 subnets where we hand-out random IP's from. But, I just had to create 12 pools for these 3 subnets due to the single IP's in there.

  2. When creating an IP pool, specify the default gateway to be used as well. It's not really practical to add the same gateway to many servers individually. Rather have it in the IP pool.

Thanks, those are good ideas .. and I think someone else suggested them too. I plan to implement them in Cloudmin 4.1.

Thanks, those are good ideas .. and I think someone else suggested them too. I plan to implement them in Cloudmin 4.1.

Yes, I suggested it, but this forum's stupid spam filter kept on deleting it :)

Hi Jamie,

I see you have added my suggestion to the new version of CloudMin, but it doesn't work as expected.

In the XEN Hosts, where I assign the IP address, the drop down menu has gotten so long that it disappeared off my screen and I was forced to go back to the old way of having one IP / IP range per IP pool.

The other problem, is if there's 2 IP ranges in the same pool, then I can't assign an IP to a VPS, I get an odd error which looked like it tried to assign the IP from the 2 pools concatenated - does this make sense? I had to get a client up and running, so I went back to the old way of assigning each IP range to it's own pool otherwise the client would have had to wait till it was fixed.

How many IP ranges did you put in your pool? I may need to truncate the size of that drop-down.

Also, what error message did you get related to failed IP allocation?

I added 6 so far, but it showed the drop-down like this:

66.96.x.x,66.96.xx,66.96.x.x,66.96.x.x - 66.96.x.x,66.96.x.x,66.96.x.x,66.96.x.x / (Scranton6)

Here's the error I got:

Failed to save network interface : Failed to allocate an IP address on from the range 64.191.x.x, 64.191.x.x, 64.191.x.x-111, 64.191.x.x-126, 66.96.x.x-146, 66.96.x.x,66-168,66, 66.197.x.x,66-142,66

P.S. This was taken from a different host where I still have the IP Pools "grouped together" in the same text box.

Another note: Is it absolutely necessary to specify a subnet mask for every IP range, in the same pool? I find it a bit Ubiquitous to enter the same subnet mask 6 times in the same textbox

Ok, I will fix up that drop-down showing IP ranges to not be so long.

As for the allocation issue, it seems that something has gone wrong with the parsing of the list of IPs you entered. Exactly what start and end IPs did you enter on the "Common IP pools" page?

Hi Jamie,

Can I suggest you just use the Pool name, instead of the IP's in the drop down?

The actual IP's I entered in the pool name are live public IP's and has already been assigned to clients so it could be tricky to tell you. would it be easier if you logged into the server?

P.S. I get 2 replies from these "issues posts" every time someone posts,1) my original post, and 2) the other person's reply. How do I disable that? I only want to get the other person's reply on email, not my original post as well.

Sure, I would be happy to login and take a look. You can email me details at

Are the IPs in the pool all actually active and pingable? If so, Cloudmin will refuse to use them ..

Regarding the double-emails, there is a setting in your account that controls this. Click on "My Account" on the top-right of this page.

Hi Jamie,

I send you an email with further info.

P.S. I don't know what setting to change to disable the double emails. What exactly should I be looking for? And, as matter of interest, why don't you use a proper forum?