edit webpages working, create new page from Web Templates is not

Hello Just installed Virtual Min Pro/Webmin on CentOS 5.4. Everything working great with 2 exceptions:

Item 1 is a problem--The "Edit Webpages" function. I have uploaded an html file and can edit it no problem. However, when I go to Create New and Select from one of the installed Open Source Web Design templates (can see all of those) it does not create nor display---it just sits there with the "creating page test.html" (the page I created). Not listed in the directory either.

Item 2 is a question--How do I set the system to display a default "Its working" page when a new virtualserver is created. Right now there is no default index page being placed in the /public_html directory. Seems the Apache config file is a good place to start but any instructions in setting the default path there would be grand as that makes me a bit antsy to be messing around with Apache.

Thanks Pete



For question 1, which browser are you using there? This may be a problem starting the HTML editor. Also, exactly which menu items and buttons are you selecting?

For question 2, you can place your default index.html file at /etc/skel/public_html/index.html , and it will get copied to all new domains.

Hi Jamie

Thanks for getting back. Its is Firefox 3.5.5 running on Mac OSX Leopard with 8GB RAM and various Firefox plugins.

Create hangs-- Edit works Upload works

I increased the global memory script allocation in the php.ini to 64M thinking that could be an issue. I am running a Rackspace dedicated cloud server with 1GB Ram on CentOS 5.4. Server load is minimal and its a brand new install as of about 4 days ago. Have Cloudmin installed on its sister box as a cluster controller and it does the same thing from there.

Also just tried it in Safari--same issue.

I have no access to a PC this weekend, but will check on there on Monday with various browsers. Not a major issue really just one you should be aware of.

Thanks for the info about where the skeleton files live.

Thanks Pete

So if you want to just create a new HTML page, you can enter its filename into the box next to "Create new file:", then click the "Create" button. This should then open an HTML editor for the contents of that new file.

Is that what you were doing?