system time error

Hi, I set up the following configuration: 1 box runnig centos xen with virtualmin gpl. in domU i set the system time to to update it daily. the others domX, running full virtualized centos with virtualmin gpl. the problem is on virtual hosts, the ssytem time goes forward couple of minutes per hour. i can not use daily/hourly time syncronization with ntp server, because dovecot process kill himself in case of time modification. any ideea how to fix this problem ?



The sort of time drift can sometimes point to a hardware issue.

However, keeping time using the ntpd daemon should be able to make more gradual changes to the time, rather than doing something once an hour or day.

i tried to use ntpd to refresh system time hourly. but dovecot crash. the same error: close itself in order to protect from tine changes forward. motherboard incompatibility ? to make some upgrades to centos 5.3 ? i use INTEL - BLKDG43GT with 8gb ddr2 with Core 2 Quad Q9400. i make bios update.... the same problem...

i tried to set ntp less the 1 hour, using virtualmin gpl interface but is not option less then 1 hour how can i do it ?

You mean you want to run it more than once per hour? You can select this using the advanced cron schedule at the bottom of the page, by selecting multiple minutes..

very strange even if i did time syncronization at 30 min, 15 min, 10 min, every hour/day/month, or hardware time or without hardware tim, the same rezult : dovecot crash... i realy dont know how to handle this time problem... i shappening to every virtual domain that i create..

You may want to ask on the Xen forums about this, as it sounds like an issue with the system clock within Xen guests..