Subject of Backup email message.

I have noticed that the subject line of the backup email is missing some vital information.

When I tried to do a restore, I looked at my emails to see which one had been done last.

But they all have the same information!

The subject line reads: Completed backup of Virtualmin on

Now I backup to amazon, and each backup uses a different directory by rotation.

So if it is possible to give the destination of the backup, that would be useful.

So in my case it would read: Completed backup of to amazon.tuesday*

  • not quite sure of the file name but it is similar.

Is that something that could easily be changed ?

I am sure many would find it useful.

All the best David.



Actually, you may want to look at Backup and Restore -> Backup Logs .. it is a better place to see what backups were done and to where, instead of searching your email.