PHP script execution mode changed during last update


today I installed the latest updates on our server. During the installation, on several vhosts, the PHP script execution mode was changed from FCGI to CGI, causing the vhost to fail. I see no reason for the modification. It is extremely annoying.




That should never happen from any update .. in fact, there isn't even any code in Virtualmin that would do this.

What updates did you install exactly?

Hi Jamie,

I installed the updates that were suggested by VM:

An update to php 5.2.11-1.el5.vmbleed is available : New version released

An update to php-cli 5.2.11-1.el5.vmbleed is available : New version released

plus Webmin and Usermin


None of those should change the PHP execution mode.

If you go to Server Configuration -> Website Options, does it show the mode as now being cgi ? If so, does selecting fcgid fix it?