Duplicate system in system list after changing "Internet hostname"

Hi Jamie,

I just created a new system in cloudmin, we do not use the built in DNS feature so the system was created with it's IP address as it's "Internet hostname". However, we have automatic DNS provisioning for customer machines tied into our customer management system so the hostname we assign is already provisioned when we create the system in cloudmin.

As usual, once the creation completed I went into Edit System and changed the Internet Hostname to the proper DNS name. This time something strange happened...

Now I have the system in the list of managed systems twice. Once for the IP address and once for the DNS name.

I was going to just De-Register the one referenced by IP Address but thought I'd open this ticket in case you wanted to investigate at all.

Let me know if you need more info or access to the system.



That certainly sounds like a bug. If possible, access to the Cloudmin master would be useful .. you can send me login details at jcameron@virtualmin.com