License usage on Virtualmin Pro


I have a single server license for Virtualmin Pro. I have been in the process for a while of migrating my existing CentOS 4 system to a new CentOS 5 system. During this process I would have had 2 running Virtualmin Pro systems for a few months. I have just completed the migration and Virtualmin Pro on the new system is coming up with a warning that I am using 3 licenses. The old system is no longer performing as hosting however I would like to keep it up for a few months in case I come across additional configuration/files/etc that I need to bring across.

So I can account for 2 systems though have no idea where the 3rd is. Please advise what can be done to resolve this?

Also as a side note I had a couple quick questions about the backup/restore process, as this is what I used to perform the server migration: 1) I use FTP and S3 for backup. During the restore I noticed that the backup was downloaded twice - 1st to show a list of what was to be restored, and 2nd to actually perform the restore. The downloaded files were deleted in between these two steps. Is this normal and 'by design' ? 2) I had additional user accounts/permissions/etc configured for MySQL that weren't brought across and that I had to manually create on the new system. Is this normal and 'by design' ?

Thanks, Simon



The count of 3 systems could be because your system's host ID or IP address changed, causing Virtualmin to detect it as a different system. However, this warning will disappear by itself shortly once our license manager realizes what is happening.

Regarding the backup being downloaded twice, this is a know mis-feature that is on my list to fix. However, you can avoid it using the virtualmin restore-domain shell command, which does the download and restore all at once.

As for the additional user accounts for MySQL, were these setup from within Virtualmin on the "Edit Mail and FTP Users" page? If not, they won't be included in backups ..