Issue with e-mail account and aliases


One of my customer created an e-mail account then an alias instead of a forward. This jeopardized his account and we lost some ime to solve the issue.

Could it be possible to make some check on that like:

  • not allowing the creation of an e-mail account when an alias exists
  • not allowing the creatin of an e-mail alias when an account exists
  • not allowing the creation of an e-mail alias pointing to another domain

Bests regards, Guy.



It shouldn't be possible in Virtualmin to create a mailbox that clashes with an existing alias, or vice-versa, for exactly this reason. I just re-tested this to be sure, and confirmed that if you have an alias for you cannot create a user named foo, and vice-versa.

Could you tell me exactly what alias and mailbox the user created in this case?