Webmin Integration

Virtualmin is built on top of Webmin, by the same team, and is fully integrated with its user management, monitoring features, software management, ACLs, and security features. The combination of powerful systems management and web hosting control panel features makes Virtualmin uniquely powerful and flexible in its class. No other web hosting control panel can match the comprehensive management capabilities of Virtualmin and Webmin combined.

User and Group Integration

Virtualmin users are Webmin users, providing Webmin's extensive action logging, Access Control Lists, and more. Webmin is known for allowing delegation of administrative duties to lower privileged users, allowing lower skill users to maintain services like DNS, email, and web servers. Virtualmin expands and enhances this delegation to allow an untrusted user to manage their own websites, email users, databases, web applications, backups and more.

Webmin Users and Groups


Virtualmin includes Webmin's powerful monitoring features, which allows monitoring all of the services in a Virtualmin system, as well as vital system stats like disk space, CPU load, network availability, mail queue, and more. Administrators can be notified via email or SMS, and in the event of a failure, a custom command can be executed to perform any action desired.

Webmin System and Server Status

Software Updates

It's important to stay on top of software updates for any system on the network, and Virtualmin is integrated with Webmin's software package updates capabilities to make it easy to update software from yum or apt. Check for updates on schedule, apply them automatically, or receive notice via email.

Webmin Software Updates

Security Features

Virtualmin utilizes Webmin's extensive security infrastructure, including action logging for auditing, two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator or Authy, certificate-based authentication, SSL/TLS encryption, firewall management, brute force protection, and IP access controls. No other control panel offers more comprehensive security options.

Webmin Two-Factor Authentication

Linux Firewall

Virtualmin includes and integrates with Webmin's firewall management capabilities to help manage the system firewall. Whether you use the simplified FirewallD or more advanced and flexible iptables, Webmin includes a management UI for firewall rules in iptables, FirewallD, Shorewall, ipfw, and ipfilter.

Webmin FirewallD Module