Additional Template Variables

It would very helpful if we could have template insertion variables for use with the email sent upon website creation for the following:

  • Quota amounts in MB instead of blocks
  • Bandwidth in GB instead of bytes
  • Number of mailboxes allowed (and perhaps an IF condition to test for unlimited)
  • Account plan name

If any of these already exist, please let me know; I was unable to find any references to them in the forums.

Closed (fixed)


Assuming you have Virtualmin 3.69, most of these should already be happening :

1) The $QUOTA variable should contain a nicely formatted quota, like 200MB

2) The $BW_LIMIT variable should contain a formatted bandwidth limit

3) The number of mailboxes can be found in the $MAILBOXLIMIT variable. This will be 0 if there is no limit, so you can use template code like : ${IF-MAILBOXLIMIT}At most $MAILBOXLIMIT${ELSE-MAILBOXLIMIT}Unlimited${ENDIF-MAILBOXLIMIT}

4) I will add this in the next Virtualmin release, as $PLAN_NAME

Thanks. That's great.

The online documentation had indicated that the $QUOTA value was in blocks and the $BW_LIMIT was in bytes, but I'm glad they've been updated (and yes, 3.69 is installed).

Didn't know about the $MAILBOXLIMIT var; it's exactly what I was looking for, and being able to test it in an if statement is perfect.

The $PLAN_NAME var would be nice; will make the email to our users that much nicer.


P.S. Is there a comprehensive list of all vars? There seem to be a few different lists at various spots on the site, but none seem to cover it all.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.