DaDaBIK Upgrade Error

I am trying to upgrade DaDaBIK from version 4.0 Beta 2 to version 4.0 (since 4.1 is not yet available in Virtualmin 3.26).

When I try to do it as the domain owner, I select the new version and click the "Show Install Options" button. On the next screen, I click "Install Now". There is no option specifically to upgrade. I then get the following error:

Failed to install script : DaDaBIK appears to be already installed in the selected directory

So, next I try as the master server administrator. I choose to update this script for only this one domain. I get the following error:

Now upgrading DaDaBIK to version 4.0 in 1 locations ..

Downloading (820482 bytes) ..
Received 820482 bytes (100 %)
.. download complete.
Installing in Under public_html/dadabik using MySQL database dadabik ..
.. version 4.0_beta_2 is already installed.

So, the bug apparently is that Virtualmin doesn't recognize that version 4.0 is an upgrade of version 4.0_beta_2. Perhaps there needs to be an internal version number that can be incremented for cases like this.

Closed (fixed)