RFE: Digest authentication support

Over the years, I've noticed a mild undercurrent of desire from many (like dozens or hundreds) of our users for the ability to setup a "webmail.domain.tld" alias for every new account that points to Usermin. The only way this can work is without SSL (because certificates will always complain about the different domain)...but sending passwords in plain text is a nasty business that we'd prefer to stay out of.

So, Digest authentication support is the obvious solution. No certs, and no plain text passwords...and a webmail.domain.tld proxy rule can be easily added for every new domain (of course, we'll then have to switch Usermin off of using SSL by default, so it will need to be a configurable option. Or maybe we plan on making Usermin capable of having an SSL port on 20000 and a non-SSL port on 20001, or something).

Closed (fixed)