Error Installing AWSTATS

I created a new virtual server that resulted in several errors because I had inadvertantly removed the webalyzer package. I deleted the virtual server, reinstalled webalyzer and attempted to recreate the virtual domain.

Virtualmin must not have cleaned up awstats completly when I removed the domain because when attempting to recreate, I get a message "Failed to modify server : AWstats reporting is already enabled for this domain"

Recreating without AWstats works without a problem. But now I have a problem where Virtualmin says that awstats isn't enabled so when I try to enable it via the edit virtual server page, it tells me awstats is enabled.

I run the validate servers page and get...
Webalizer reporting : Webalizer configuration file /etc/webmin/webalizer/home_universitychic_logs_access_log.conf was not found

I hope this makes sence, it can be confusing because it seems each web stats tools is taking turns showing an error.

Closed (fixed)