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I need to have a license to upgrade to Pro. How can i purchase a license for Virtualmin Pro. I don't see it and need assistance with this . How can I purchase the Pro?

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Howdy -- thanks for your interest in Virtualmin Pro!

Joe is currently reworking the store, and during that time it's been closed. He hopes to have that ready soon though.

Sorry for the trouble!

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Submitted by Ilia on Wed, 07/14/2021 - 08:49


We are happy to announce that Virtualmin Shop has finally been re-opened, and buying a new Pro license is possible again! Now we accept both, regular payments with a bank card (as before), and PayPal as well (new).

Thank you for being patient, and apologizes for any inconvenience posed!

Special kudos to Joe, and all the hard work he's done! The official message from Joe can be read on our Forums and/or on our Telegram channel.

Keep in touch.

Kind regards, Ilia

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