Problem with cloudmin Virtual Server Replication


I’ve questions/ problems with the Virtual Server Replication. My plan:

one system as master running cloudmin, virtuamin and other stuff.
two systems to which the domins should be replicated to serve the content, get the mails and so on
mariadb cluster (maxscale and galera) for serving the DBs - works fine
NFS cluster with drbd to hold the /home/cluster/* - works also
LDAP cluster to store useres (connected to the three hosts and the NFS servers for the quota features - seems to work too (useres ar present and can be used/ quotas are shown)
a load balencer infront of the hosts (ramdomly domains sould be use the LB or DNS-LB via cloudmin round-robin DNS records)

My questions / problems: in the replicaqtion I select

source to destination
checked All on source system and Delete domains no longer on source
- All except selected features ..: Home directory MariaDB database

The strange thing is when I set up cluster DNS to the two slaves and add BIND DNS domain to All except selected features .. it say DNS domin already exist if I change someting on the “master” i.e. Mail for domain enabled is not replicated - if I delete the domian on the destination and replicate it is present also if i disable a domain on the master it is not replicated.

Virtualmin version: 
Webmin version: 


Are all your replica systems sharing the same DNS slaves? Or are the replicas slaves for each other?

At th moment there is no DNS relationship between the servers. The master sync to two servers all "think" they are DNS-Master.