Option to use webmail.domainclient.com as reverse proxy to usermin or webmail.serverdomain (as shared installation)

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Currently, when a domain is created, a redirect is created for usermin in serverdomain:20000, and the port 20000 is not always open in client networks, to get around this, an alternative I do is to create a reverse proxy of the webmail.clientdomain.com subdomain for usermin, I suggest that virtualmin has this option to create this reverse proxy automatically for usermin and/or other webmail clients that we can install on the server. A reverse proxy to admin page/10000 port is also a good call.

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Certainly do-able, since Virtualmin already has the ability to setup a proxy-only virtual server.

The only catch is that you'd need to have a valid SSL certificate for this proxy sub-domain - either a wildcard cert, or a separate one requested from Let's Encrypt.

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Submitted by brunno on Sun, 06/27/2021 - 14:37 Pro Licensee

Yes, I include that in site main SSL site certificate request, which use the 80 port, and do the proxy only for SSL virtualserver name