Slave DNS Servers Listed Are Incorrect


Our Virtualmin seems to be working fine.

We have a Virtualmin Pro hosting server and another for Clustered DNS and the DNS records do appear to be propagating correctly.

The problem is that

virtualmin list-domains --multiline

Shows multiple (historical) DNS slave servers that are no longer correct.

I tried using

virtualmin modify-dns --domain xxxxxx --remove-slave "xxxxxx"

But the command does not work and acts like I entered the command incorrectly.

Any suggestions for me to clean up the output of

virtualmin list-domains --multiline

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Also, it appears that


already has the correct ''also-notify'' and ''allow-transfer'' settings for all domains.


Virtualmin has it's own internal record for each domain of what the slave DNS servers are.

What error are you getting when you try the --remove-slave "xxxxxx" flag?

As I mentioned, no error is thrown.

The command does not execute displays as if the syntax was wrong and shows 'help':

No slave DNS server with hostname exists

Also, only the actual slave DNS server is listed in Webmin -> Cluster Slave Servers. There are no 'extra' DNS servers.



Ok, in that case, the work-around is the file the domain's config file by running :

virtualmin list-domains --domain --file-only

then edit that file, and update the dns_slave line to remove the incorrect servers.

OK, thanks for that.

I edited all the domain files, which was very tedious, but everything seems fine afterward.

Should this be filed as a bug?

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I think the bug is how this situation occurred in the first place. How were these historical slave DNS servers setup or removed?

We will add an API command in future to make it easier to clean up these invalid configs though, by running virtualmin modify-dns --domain --sync-all-slaves

I think your future solution is fine.

In our case, this Virtualmin Pro server has been upgraded several times over the years. There's no way I can say "how this situation occurred in the first place".

We have been running slave DNS for many years successfully, but I'm not sure when this situation occurred.

Thanks very much and please close this ticket,


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