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I'm trying to set up a service where my small amount of customers can transfer their domain to my nameservers (which I do not know how to set up). I want them to be able to control their DNS with my virtualmin server. I am able to install it accordingly. I want to deploy more servers in the future so I have my server named as Unfortunately, it seems that your documentation of Virtualmin is unhelpful. Could you please send a full-guide on nameservers etc down the every detail please. Do you need more than one server for this perhaps? If so please send every helpful resource you have.

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Howdy -- there's information here on setting up your Virtualmin server as a nameserver:

And information here on setting up slave DNS servers:

It looks like your using Virtualmin GPL though, and the area here is for folks using Virtualmin Pro.

It's no problem to get support!

But if you have any additional questions, you'd want to ask those in the Forums.



Thanks for your help. I still don't understand how to do this as it's not working for me. Do you have a messaging platform where you could help me quicker on?


The above was to help point you in the right direction, however, since you're using Virtual;min GPL you'd want to use the Forums for any additional questions you have.