SSL for disabled servers still renewed

When a site is disabled, the certbot renew command still tries to renew this website, is that not wrong ? should this not be disabled with the website being disabled ?

Closed (fixed)
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Is it the certbot command itself which is trying to renew the certificate? Or is the renewal being kicked off by Virtualmin?

In the former case, there's nothing we can do about it.

yes its certbot renew that does it

Ah ... you should turn that off, as Virtualmin has its own built-in renewal feature

well then there is another problem, cause nothing got updated before certbot was installed.... they expired without renew.... so how to check that this is running and make sure it does this on a server i help a company fix ?

Make sure you're running Virtualmin 6.15 or later - older versions had a bug that prevented renewal of the newer Let's Encrypt certs due to a change in CA.

Webmin version   1.973
    Usermin version     1.823
Virtualmin version  6.15 

i still se certs not being renewed on this server

If you select a domain for which automatic renewal isn't happening and open the SSL Certificate page, what does it show for the expiry date and renewal option?

seems this is not a problem anymore... was a problem friday, today i find none that is not renew... wierd... i will write again if i see the problem again