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Hi all! i have a simple issue i thing! (because i m new to this, servers, dns, i knew about but in practis i m new and in these 4 months i have face more difficult issues) i tried to send/ & receive emails to my virtual server i have, but, i couldn't, no new email when i login to my Usermin panel. !2 simple question if someone can help. 1) I know that i have to configur the dovicot server, how?i meen, where exactly i have to go to insert e.g my ip or other details! 2) i have to control anything else? e.g, in Postfix? it says that i have to configer, to ad map... is any easy way? and a bonus question!!! if i install an email php script, i will send/receive emails? or again i have to manage all aboves? really thanks for your time, Theo

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Check the log file /var/log/messages when you try to send or receive email, and see whats logged, and post it here.

really thanks for your reply! i don't thing that it is something is related with the virtualmin, mails can be exchanged from email to email in the same server, i can't receive or send mail from out! i m sure that is something simple! let's make a quick recap and, if you find me somewhere wrong, correct me. 1) i've created 1 new, a record with the zone " 2)of course i put the static ip connected with it. 3) i've created an mx record with: 1 Domain provider asks me for the zone, i put the "" 2 an active fqdn url, i put my fqdn as is when i type hostname in my system so is,, i put a value 10 in delivery box,,, and ,,,then i press add! my only question is, i should write somewhere , any email address? and where? i have to create a new mx record, in edit server>dns record, to include the email? or i have to do something new? just ask not to do something is not right, & also to have a help since it is the first time i create this! really thanks for all, Theo

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Submitted by Ilia on Sat, 03/06/2021 - 16:04

It is common for service providers to block port 25 for mail exchange.

We suggest you contact your provider with this question.