What is the best methodology to migrate from one single virtualmin pro system to cloudmin and virtualmin w/ remote database services?


After testing cloudmin, we have decided to migrate from a single monolithic install of virtualmin pro to cloudmin (primarily for DNS, on a single server), to virtualmin with remote db services. However, when we began moving sites, we are noticing some issues w/ the databases not being created. Also, virtualmin is used to being the primary DNS master, for which cloudmin should hold that role.

What is the best route of attack to accomplish our goal here?

thank you, Austin

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Can you tell me more about the issue you're seeing with the database not being created? Are you getting any specific error message, or does it just fail silently?

Greetings - we are getting a silent failure, but after a couple sites, some database creations work, some fail silently.

The approach I took was per the documentation I was able to find. 1. install cloudmin first 2. Add virtualmin pro server under new hosts and checked all boxes except mysql 3. Add virtualmin (GPL) to the mysql host and only checked the boxes for mysql in cloudmin 4. I setup an unlimited plan (for our internal use) with a user subscribed to that plan 5. signed into the virtualmin servers and linked to cloudmin mirroring the selections in step 3 and 4 6. Attempted to set cloudmin up as a DNS slave for Virtualmin Pro - but we have problems there - the zones are not properly replicating from vmin pro to cloudmin, nor are the IP addresses being adjusted to the new virtualmin host upon using the "migrate virtual server" feature on the older source virtualmin pro.

Also, to note, even tho virtualmin systems are linked to cloudmin, there is no way to manage the databases from any system EXCEPT the DB server's virtualmin, which only has a private IP (and is desired to remain that way).

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Looks like a different error displayed when I used the full server restoration method for virtualmin:

.. load failed! ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user '<user>'@'<domain>' (using password: YES)

Error: .. creation error : provision-mysql-login failed : Create a MySQL login on some provisioning system.

cloudmin provision-mysql-login --user username --pass password | --encpass password [--domain-owner] [--owner name] [--remote ip]* [--database name]* [--any-host]

Exit status: 256


.. creation error : provision-mysql-login failed : Create a MySQL login on some provisioning system.

cloudmin provision-mysql-login --user username --pass password | --encpass password [--domain-owner] [--owner name] [--remote ip]* [--database name]* [--any-host]

Exit status: 256

I did see a password get set and - as stated, some DB's have been created. Not sure why this error is cropping up now... Not sure how to proceed. We are primarily using cloudmin for the virtualmin management - and it is nice it integrates w/ AWS and Google, however, we do not have immediate plans to use those features.. Should we just go w/ another virtualmin license and connect virtualmin together?

We would like to migrate this weekend. Any assistance is appreciated.

So, I tried a different approach today and installed virtualmin and went the remote mysql route w/o cloudmin. That did not even work. I presume there is not a straight forward upgrade path to expand from a monolithic virutalmin pro install to a dual vmin w/ the new server offloading mysql.

Is there a defined/recommended path to accomplish this task or do I need to somehow manually do this? My next thought is to do a full server migration then setup mysql replication, break replication, set the remote to master and flip the mysql module to remote mysql? or to import all the mysql db's from the source server to the dedicated mysql host and set vmin to remote mysql?

I really cannot spend much more time messing w/ this b/c we were supposed to migrate off last weekend.

pro support is appreciated here.. if nothing else, a solid path to follow....

Another note, after enabling/starting mysql pointing to localhost on vmin pro, the "feature" of mysql is not even available to enable for any of the virtual servers. HAAALLPPP!