Transfer of Server to other machine, on other network

When transferring a virtual to another machine on a different network the old ip details are also transferred.

This creates a problem on the new machine as a broadcast address is also included. This broadcast address can/will screw the operator, as invalid information does not get corrected when reassigning to a correct address.

Manual intervention is required to fix currently (if you can actually find the issue screwing your machine :)

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Thanks, this sounds like a bug. Was this a domain that had it's own private IP address?

Yes !!

The broadcast address should not be written. as when the ip gets changed to match the new server setup, the old broadcast remains. (probably best solution as these are all virtuals is not write it originally on transfer).

Also the old address on the originating machine does not get disabled with the virtual (if own virtual). though it does get deleted when you get around to deleting the original.