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I'm moving toward locally based dns servers rather than host based I have 2 webmin servers running the above versions of software I have got bind to transfer dns records in both directions so each webmin server is a master & a slave of the other. so far so good. Next thing to (I was thinking) was to create 2 name server records (per domain) one for the master domain & the other for the slave, will this work ? I do have more than IP per webmin server so was it be a better idea to just point the nameservers to 2 differents IP's ? I have tried this but mxtoolbox moans that the name servers are on the same subnet. Any Ideas on how to proceed ?

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Yes, you should have two NS records in each domain - one for the master and one for the slave. However, there's no value in having multiple NS records that point to different IPs on the same machine.

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Submitted by jimr on Mon, 01/18/2021 - 13:52 Pro Licensee

Ok all nearly done how do I fix this ?

Primary Name Server Not Listed At Parent

everything appears to work ok but I just hate errors

Where are you seeing that error?

If it's from some DNS validation service, make sure that at your registrar you have both nameservers listed for the domain.

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Submitted by jimr on Mon, 01/18/2021 - 18:33 Pro Licensee

Fixed it, webmin/virtualmin created the start of the dns record with

$ttl 3600
@       IN      SOA 

changinging this to

$ttl 3600
@       IN      SOA 

'' being the hostname at setup and was altered later on.
The webmin interface does not allow you to edit this part of the dns zone so it was done by hand Just found the editor in webmin bind->zone->Zone Parameters

You can configure the hostname used in SOA records at Webmin -> Servers -> BIND DNS Server -> Zone Defaults.

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Ok one more question when you use

webmin->servers->bind DNS Server->Setup RNDC

does webmin write any data to any files in the folder /etc/bind e.g named.conf ?