Php version in different folder cant select different Website subdirectory

Hi, i installed different php version in virtualmin server, with php fpm, i have installed php 7.2 and php 7.4, when i go to select different php versions in Server Configuration>php version to select two different version on two different folders in my public_html folder i only see one option. In others webmin configurations in others servers (in this case i use centos 8) i see "default html directory" and empty input to put different folder and asociate to different version, in this guide you can watch this input at the end. I need to configure something more? I would like to have php7.2 folder and php7.4 folder

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Submitted by Ilia on Sun, 12/20/2020 - 14:33


Unfortunately this is not possible on CentOS 8 as this feature only supported in FastCGI mode but CentOS 8 can only run PHP scripts with FPM.

We would recommend migrating to Debian 10 or Ubuntu 20.04, considering CentOS 8 life-cycle has been shortened to 2021. Complete discussion can be found here.

A lot of thanks for this info :) I"ll change it as soon as possible